“Change starts with you.”

As a coach, I help people to achieve insights.
My coaching can be a benefit in various interactions
between people; especially in interactions with
families, teams and organizations that are looking
to find a common goal.
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GLWMax Communication & Consulting


Do you have a new team? Do you want to start teamworking as smoothly as possible right after forming the team? Or have you possibly been working as a team for a longer time already? Are you so busy to carrying out tasks and organize things that your definition of the goals and plans are still unfinished? Is it hard for you to find time for development? Do you feel that there are too much tasks or that discussions take too a long time because you cannot decide what to actually do? Does your team need a sparkling enthusiasm and strengthen your belief in succeeding?

If you said yes to something above or one of those questions caught your attention, you’re welcome to contact us.

GLWMax Communication offers various packages tailored according your wishes. The customer will choose the place for coaching (both individual and group coaching), and through lectures and workshops. We also offer distance coaching and webinars.


For teams and groups workshops and lectures with different of topics: how to charging positively the Team’s motivation, to improving internal communication and problem-solving skills.


For team leaders, chairmen/presidents and the leaders of organizations/companies. We give ideas and advice in follow topics: how to be the positively charged leader, ideas for new approaches and to providing constructive feedback


We can to help you to achieve the goals, to learn to how make a strategy for the vision, to give ideas for new approaches and to brief the situation analysis in your the organization.

GLWMax Communication & Consulting

Children’s emotional skills

Could a child learn to tolerate disappointments better? Do you maybe want that the child could always find something positive from each day?

Did you know that each emotion tells something about some need that the child has. All children have a lot of emotions, and they show them depending on their personalities: some show them very strongly and some more quietly. Emotions take over the mind and the body, both in children and adults. Emotional skills are skills that promote mental well-being. Emotional skills mean that the person is able to recognize emotions brought up on their own or from the others. Through that they learn to understand the what and why of what’s happening in themselves and in the others.

GLWMax Communication offers various packages tailored according your wishes. The customer will choose the place for coaching (both individual and group coaching), and through lectures and workshops. We also offer distance coaching and webinars.

We also offer coaching separately for children who use sign language. In this coaching visual methods and suitable materials are used, taking account of the target group. Additionally we also specially include the culture of deaf and sign language users, which is connected to visuality: the importance of facial impressions and body language.


We provide information and counseling on children's emotional skills in Sign Language to families through private meetings, group meetings, courses, lectures and workshops.


We offer coaching for kindergartens, schools, and to everyone who is working with children. We offers various packages tailored according your wishes. It have packages for how can to use in groups of children, classroom, camps and different activities.


Order lectures on children's emotional skills - in Sign Language. We offer lectures and workshops on various topics. The topics of the lectures are, for example: encouracing the emotional skills of Sign Language children, the ways and means of positive parenting to meet with the child's emotions.

GLWMax Communication & Consulting-Coach
Tiina Van Hoorebeke
Tiina is a positive, goal-oriented, supportive and clear communicator. She has 20 years’ experience of working with different people, groups and organisations. People have said that with Tiina's coaching people can start to believe in change!

My education is a Community Educator, at Humak University of Applied Sciences. I’ve also educated myself more by taking additional courses; for example guiding a child’s emotional skills, the basics of positive psychology and supporting stepfamilies. I’m constantly supplementing my competence by taking more studies concerning communication, children’s emotional skills and positive psychology. I offer individual-based coaching, during which the customer will define the topics; and group coaching based on different themes.

My passion is to guide children and families to thrive with their excellent emotional skills and make people believe in the power of positive communication!

Brightener Can Do.

"Change starts with you"

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